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Purchase a Student Trombone


New Trombone

Sleister Music carries two models of student trombone: Blessing BTB-1287 and BAC Apprentice Series. New trombones come with a factory warranty and look beautiful but do cost more than a used trombone.

Used Trombone- Good Condition

Our used trombones have been  ultrasonically cleaned and lubricated. Dents have been removed, and the handslide moves easily. Plays in-tune with an open sound quality.

Depending on brand, model, and cosmetic condition, used trombone prices range from $400-675 typically- visit our store or inquire if there is a particular brand/condition/price you are seeking!


  • 12C or 6 ½ AL mouthpiece

  • Hard case

  • Instrument name tag

  • Trombone maintenance kit

  • Folding music stand

  • Lesson book

  • Sleister Music Buy-Back Guarantee


What brand of instrument is this?

  • For used instruments: Yamaha YSL-354, Bach TB-300, Holton TB-602, Getzen 300 Series, King, Blessing, Conn, Besson, etc.

  • For new instruments: BAC Apprentice Series or Blessing BTR-1287

  • These were all manufactured by reputable companies with quality materials and craftsmanship.

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