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Woodwind Repair Services & Prices



Instrument - cleaning price, repad price

Bb Clarinet, plastic $35, $450-550

Bb Clarinet, wood $45, $550-650

Eb Alto Clarinet $50, $450-550

Bb Bass Clarinet $50, $700-850


C Flute, closed hole $25, $350-450

C Flute, open hold $30, $400-500

Alto/Bass Flute $45, $500-600

Piccolo $30, $350-450

Alto Saxophone $50, $650-850

Tenor Saxophone $55, $850-1000

Baritone Saxophone $60, $1200-1500


Oboe $40, $450-600

Bassoon $60, $700-1000

Hourly shop rate: $75

Minimum Charge $20

*repad or overhauls listed include the following “default” pads:

  • Clarinet: Music Medic pressed bladder pads or Valentino synthetics (plastic body), combination of white leather, pressed bladder, & cork (wood body)

  • Flute: Lucien deluxe bladder pads

  • Saxophone: Pisoni premium deluxe brown leather pads with plastic resonators

Other pads, whether synthetic, bladder, or cork, can be installed by request but may entail a greater price.

*Why the range in price for repads? Depending on the condition of key fitting and tone hole level-ness, more or less labor may be required to prepare the instrument for the new pads to seal consistently and evenly. Additionally, whether you choose to polish or not polish the keys as part of the repad will affect the price.*

Crack repair, replacement or rebuilding of missing keys or parts, soldering, and dent removal is an extra charge.


Woodwind Cleaning Includes:

  • Disassembly of instrument

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of flute, saxophone, or plastic clarinet body, manual cleaning of wooden clarinet body

  • Oiling of wooden clarinet/oboe body, polishing of silver flute body

  • Gentle cleaning of keys and pad surface

  • Reassembly and lubrication of instrument

  • Vacuuming of case interior


What Good Playing Condition Includes:

  • Cleaning of instrument if needed

  • Regulation of keys & adjustment of pads to remove leaks

  • Straightening of bent keys

  • Replacement of worn or torn pads

  • Repair of broken solder joints (from $15/joint)

  • Dent work as needed 

  • Tenon cork replacement ($20/tenon, $25/tenon for bass clarinet or bassoon)

  • Flute head cork replacement ($15)

  • Crack pinning of wooden bodies (by estimate)


What does a Repad include?

  • Removal of all pads and corks and cleaning of instrument

  • Replace all pads and key/tenon corks

  • Regulation and adjustment of keywork

  • Buffing of keys, key guards ($50 clarinet, $75 saxophone, optional)

  • Swedging of loose-fitting keys, as needed

  • Leveling of tone holes, as needed

Our Woodwind Repair Quality Assurance:

  • Play test and inspection of instrument

  • Allow instrument to settle for two days

  • Play test and inspection of instrument again

  • The instrument is done when it passes two consecutive play test/inspections

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