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Brass & Woodwind Repair Warranty

Repair Warranty Policy

We want our repair customers to be happy, have an instrument that functions the way they want as a result of working with us, who will happily return in the future for later repair needs and tell their friends to visit us too. That is why we guarantee our repairs.


The Sleister Music Repair Satisfaction Guarantee:

“If you are not happy with how your instrument plays or looks after having us repair it, we will make it right by first doing a second pass to fix whatever was not right with the initial work. If we are unable to re-repair it to your satisfaction, we will then refund your money. Please inspect the instrument when you get it back from our shop to make sure that it functions the way you want it to. This helps us ensure you are satisfied with our work.”


Warranty Length, by type of Repair:

  • Brass & woodwind instrument cleanings- 3 months

  • Newly installed woodwind neck cork, tenon cork, or key corks - 18 months

  • Newly installed woodwind pads- 12 months for bladder pads, 18 months for synthetic or leather

  • Woodwind adjustment work - 6 months*

  • Slide, valve, rotor adjustment - 12 months

  • Dent removal- 12 months

  • Soldering repair- 24 months

  • General satisfaction with your horn- 6 months

*A woodwind key will often need adjustment before the pad itself need be replaced*


Exceptions to the Warranty

  • Damage taking place in the customer’s possession due to accidents, deliberate damage, neglect, or work done by other parties

  • Work recommended by Sleister Music but not done, i.e. there is no warranty for a worn-out pad we recommend be replaced but ultimately only adjust

  • Cosmetic damage to the instrument- lacquer finishes are temporary in nature

Abandoned Property Policy- instruments left at Sleister Music for over 90 days waiting for customer approval of estimate or customer pickup of a finished repair will be deemed abandoned property and may be sold by Sleister Music to cover the cost of our labor and materials.

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