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Rent to Own


All rental contracts are subject to credit approval. Creation of a recurring payment profile on this website constitutes agreement to the following terms:


YOUR RIGHT OF TERMINATION: You may terminate this agreement at any time by returning the instrument in its present condition (fair wear and tear accepted) to Sleister Music, LLC. No further charges will be incurred, providing your account is paid current.


OUR RIGHT OF TERMINATION: We may terminate this agreement upon default of payment or breach of any other material term of this agreement. In the event of default of payment, you are hereby authorizing Sleister Music, LLC to repossess the instrument wherever located. If we terminate this agreement, we shall be entitled to all rental payments and other charges due up to the date of termination, as well as a $50.00 repossession fee if you fail to return the property to us.




  1. Sleister Music will retain ownership of the property until all payments are made. If the property is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you will be responsible for the remaining balance at the time of the loss or damage. You cannot sell, pledge, mortgage, pawn or otherwise dispose of the property until you have made all payments required to own.

  2. You must notify Sleister Music of any changes that may occur with regard to the information on this Agreement. This includes change of name, address, school, bank account or credit card number, etc.

  3. By agreeing to these terms, you authorize Sleister Music to investigate your employment and credit history.

  4. Sleister Music, Inc. gives no warranties with respect to the instrument or the use of the instrument. Provisions of the Repair and Maintenance agreement accepted, provided your account is in good standing.

  5. Any accounts turned over to an outside collection agency will have additional fees, up to 35% of the owed debt, added to cover the cost of collections.

  6. If you dispute a credit card transaction with your credit card company, for no fault of Sleister Music LLC, a $25.00 fee will be added when reprocessing the transaction.

  7. Instrument to be maintained in the condition as received excluding normal wear and tear. You agree to pay for cleaning and repair expenses should such be needed upon return of the instrument.

  8. Provided the account is current and (#7, instrument condition maintained in condition as received excluding normal wear and tear), you may return the instrument at any time and end this rent-to-own agreement.

  9. The stated rental price (for example, $20 for a used trumpet without the R&M plan) will be charged monthly on your credit card on the same date of each month. The rental period is 30 payments for school band instruments (trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, percussion kits) with the exception below, at which point you receive ownership of the instrument provided the account is in good standing.

    1. For student clarinets, the rental period is 33 months for used, like-new, and new categories.​

    2. For student model alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone/euphonium, and French horn, the rental period is 36 months for new category instruments, 33 months for like-new category instruments, and 30 months for used category instruments.

  10. Early Payoffs are available for all Rent to Own customers with accounts that are current and in good standing. If you so choose, you may purchase the Property at any time during this agreement, provided that all payments required by the Agreement are current and the Agreement has not been terminated by default. The payoff amount will be calculated as the  total number of rental payments remaining to complete the ownership requirements of the Agreement, divided by the total number of payments on the plan(30, as enumerated in #9), multiplied by the list price of the instrument. For example a $550 trumpet which has 20 remaining payments will have an Early Payoff amount of $550 *20 / 30 = $366.67. Contact Sleister Music for further explanation of this payoff.

  11. Return of the property prior to the expiration of a rental period does not entitle you to any refund of any rental payment(s) already made.

  12. If you switch to a new agreement with a different instrument, Sleister Music LLC will apply up to 80% of the monthly rental payments made on the previous Agreement towards the beginning total of payments balance of the new agreement. This includes agreements on Step-Up instruments.

  13. Please contact or 515-402-3412 to request specific details on your completed rental contract.

  14. If purchased, Sleister Music LLC shall perform maintenance and repair in accordance with the repair and maintenance agreement (R&M) provided herein all defects that arise from normal wear and use, accidental damage, fire, or theft by no fault of the renter. R&M ITEMS NOT COVERED are: damage from negligence or abuse, intentional damage, lacquer or finish deterioration, repair of cosmetic dents, and replacement of expendable accessories including but not limited to reeds, lubricants, drumsticks, and drumheads. This service applies only as long as you are in good standing on this Agreement. You are responsible for keeping the property in good condition including replacement of expendable accessory items. If purchased, this service applies to the Property described herein for each consecutive month you have paid for this service under this Agreement. The Monthly Maintenance Charges is subject to sales tax.

  15. If any part of the manufacturer 's warranty covers the property at the time you acquire ownership, it shall be transferred to you if allowed by the terms of the warranty.





I understand that in connection with this contract, Sleister Music LLC may collect non-public personal or financial information about me. Sleister Music, LLC is committed to maintaining my private information confidential and will restrict access to my non-public information to only those individuals who need to know such information in order to obtain my credit report, service my account, or enforce any term or condition of this contract. I understand that I should contact Sleister Music LLC if I have further questions regarding my privacy rights as stated in this contract or think that there has been a breach of my rights hereunder.




By accepting these terms and conditions, you are giving Sleister Music authorization to charge your credit card every month for any charges due for this account. Any declined or returned payments will be subject to a $25 fee.


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