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Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Plan
Comprehensive Coverage for your Instrument

There's nothing quite like the feeling of playing a well-tuned instrument. The Sleister Music Repair and Maintenance Plan ensures that your instrument will always be in top shape.

Our dedicated team of experts will take care of all the routine maintenance and repairs with no out-of-pocket cost to you, so you can focus on what's important - making music. And in the unlikely event that your instrument is damaged beyond repair, we'll replace it with a comparable one, so you can keep making beautiful music for years to come.

For peace of mind and protection against the unexpected, sign up for the Sleister Music Repair and Maintenance Plan today.


The repair plan costs $6 per month and can be canceled at any time. If you pay annually instead of monthly, you get an 18% discount and only pay $5/month ($60 per year).

Fine Print, Things NOT Covered:

*R&M plan is only available on instruments purchased, rented-to-own, or repaired within the past 30 days by Sleister Music.*

Sleister Music LLC shall perform maintenance and repair in accordance with the repair and maintenance agreement (R&M) provided that defects arise from normal wear and use, accidental damage, fire, or theft by no fault of the renter. R&M ITEMS NOT COVERED are: damage from negligence or abuse, intentional damage, lacquer or finish deterioration, repair of cosmetic damage, and replacement of expendable accessories including  reeds, lubricants, cleaning brushes or swabs. A single chipped clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece and a single drum head or stick/mallet replacement (if applicable) is covered per year of the repair plan.

This service applies only as long as you are in good standing on this R&M Agreement. You are responsible for keeping the property in good condition including replacement of expendable accessory items. If purchased, this service applies to the Property described herein for each consecutive month or year you have paid for this service under this Agreement. 

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