Brass Repair Services & Prices

At Sleister Music, we support the joy of music for both players and educators with exacting repairs. To do this, we utilizing the latest techniques and equipment.



Instrument Ultrasonic Cleaning Rate


Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn $60

Trumpet, silver-plated $80


Trombone, straight $60 

Trombone, single rotor $70 

Trombone, double rotor $80 


French horn, single $95

French horn, double $105


Baritone/Euphonium, 3 valve $80

Baritone/Euphonium, 4 valve $90


Tuba/Sousaphone, 3 valve $90

Tuba, 4 valve piston $100

Tuba, 4 valve rotary $110


Mellophone $65

Marching Baritone $75


Minimum Charge $25



What Ultrasonic Cleaning Includes:

  • Disassembly of the instrument

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the body, rotors, slides, and valves

  • Scratch brushing of rotors

  • Replacement of discolored or worn felts, corks, and valve guides

  • Cleaning of case

  • Lubrication with long-lasting synthetic oils/greases and reassembly

  • Polishing of silver plating or lacquer



What Good Playing Condition Includes:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning if needed

  • Removal of reachable dents (from $10)

  • Removal of large unreachable dents if >30% of tube diameter (by estimate)

  • Pulling of stuck slides (from $10/slide)

  • If slides stuck, grindy, or discolored, buffing and polishing of slides ($15-30)

  • Repair all sticky or sluggish valves, pistons, and slides (from $15)

  • Alignment and dent removal of trombone slide (from $15)

  • Repair broken solder joints (from $15 per joint)

  • Case repair, if needed (from $15)

  • Any additional issue you want addressed or which are affecting functionality


Will Sleister Music pick up instruments from my building?

Yes- we can pick up and drop off, just ask!

Before photos below: dirty trumpet with stuck valves, stuck slides, and mechanical issues
dirty body of trumpet
dirty body of trumpet

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dirty trumpet piston close up
dirty trumpet piston close up

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dirty pistons
dirty pistons

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napbirt logo.png
After photos below: trumpet cleaned, corrosion and organic material removed, slides polished to prevent future corrosion and seizing
clean and polished trumpet slides
clean and polished trumpet slides

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clean valves and bottom caps
clean valves and bottom caps

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trumpet third and first slides clean
trumpet third and first slides clean

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