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Blessing BTB-1287


Sleister Music is pleased to be a dealer of E.K. Blessing band instruments. Blessing is an American brand of band instruments that traces its roots back to 1906. The Blessing BTB-1287 student trombone has received positive reviews from band directors and trombone players and is a reasonably priced option for the young trombonist.

From E.K. Blessing:

What's the one thing all great trombones must have? A great slide. Our Blessing BTB-1287 is no exception - it is ready for the classroom and the stage. The chrome-plated nickel hand slide is durable without sacrificing the smooth, responsive action required to learn the instrument. Designed for a student, the BTB-1287 performs like a professional level model with a rich, resonant sound, quick response and even timbre throughout all registers. The unique brushed brass finish is 'cool' and different. It will encourage a young player to pick it up and play.

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