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Purchase a Student Trumpet


New Trumpet

We stock student model trumpets from BAC, Blessing, Jupiter, and Besson. New instruments come with a manufacturer's warranty. Contact us for availability and pricing.

Used Student Trumpets

All of our used trumpets have been chemically and ultrasonically cleaned and lubricated. Dents have been removed, and the valves and slides are adjusted to move easily. Plays in-tune with an open sound and has been play tested.

Depending on brand, model, and cosmetic condition, used trumpet prices range from $375-675 typically- visit our store or inquire if there is a particular brand/condition/price you are seeking!

  • 7C mouthpiece

  • Hard case

  • Instrument name tag

  • Sleister Music Buy-Back Guarantee

What brand of trumpet do you carry?

  • For used instruments: Yamaha YTR-2320 or YTR-2335, Bach TR-300, Holton TR-602, Getzen 300 Series, Conn 20B, etc.

  • For new instruments: BAC Apprentice Series or Blessing BTR-1287

  • These were all manufactured by reputable companies with quality materials and craftsmanship.

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