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BAC Apprentice Alto Saxophone AS-400 (excellent condition)

The BAC Apprentice Alto Saxophone AS-400 is a high quality instrument that is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. This saxophone has been shop-adjusted and comes with a mouthpiece and backpack case. The pads are in good condition and there is only minor cosmetic wear. At least 95% of the original finish is intact. This saxophone has a rich, full sound that is perfect for any musical style. It is an excellent choice for students or anyone looking for a great sounding alto saxophone.
  • Any instrument, new or used, purchased from Sleister Music comes with our Buy Back Guarantee. This Guarantee allows you to return the instrument at any time for a refund of the purchase price minus what you would have paid in rent over that period for that instrument. For example, if you purchase a $500 new trumpet in September and then return it that December, you would receive $425 ($500 minus three months of $25/month) for the instrument. Accessories such as the music stand and maintenance kit are not eligible for buy back.

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