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Professional Instruments
Brass and Woodwinds

If you are looking to upgrade your instrument, Sleister Music has options for you! We stock both new and used, refurbished instruments.  We carry new band instruments from brands including Buffet Crampon, BAC, Blessing, Powell, and Getzen. We also carry used Yamaha, Olds, Bach, Getzen, Buffet, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Blessing, and other respected brass and woodwind brands.

All used instruments professionally serviced and include case and mouthpiece. Seven-day, completely free, zero-commitment trial on any instrument. We require you save your information and a payment method on file during the trial.

Do You Offer Any Payment Plans?

Yes- we have both a 10- and 36- month option!


We offer a 10-month payment plan on any of these instruments. There is a small 5% financing fee to do this. For example, if a Bach Stradivarius trumpet normally costs $1,200, the payment plan would be $1200 plus 5%, so $1,260. This would be made in 10 monthly installments of $126. 


Also, we offer a 36-month rent to own option with the option to return the instrument at any time and a 20% financing fee. For example, a $1200 purchase price Bach Stradivarius trumpet would be $40 per monthly payment.


A credit or debit card is required for payment plans and we will automatically charge the card for each payment (don’t have to manually pay the bill each month).

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