System Blue Traditional Tenor Drum

System Blue Traditional Tenor Drum


Tenor FLUB


Lightweight and ergonomically correct, tenor players will not want to put these drums down. Curved and balanced for agility, they produce a rich cutting sound with no harsh overtones. Revolutionary cut away hoops reduce rim clicks and increase ease of play. Paired with inked tenor heads, these cut away hoops help teach students how to move and where to play. With virtually no hardware drilled into the shells, ON2 slip changes become effortless. The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber knuckle reduces the overall weight of the set, making it one of the lightest tenor sets on the market.

  • All wood tenor drum, 16" x 14", 6 Ply Maple Shell, Aluminum Hoops, Black Powder Coat, Black Heads, j-bar attach, NO BOTTOM HEAD, HOOPS, TENSIO




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